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Welcome to the Bean Bag Warehouse! We are an online retailer of high quality bean bag chairs, bean bag beds, stackables, pet beds and much more. Searching for a specific size or material for your bean bag? Buying for a loved one, child or as a gift? We've got it all! Select the product you want below to begin!

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Thank you for visiting the Bean Bag Warehouse, the biggest and most trusted supplier of bean bag chairs on the web! We design, make, and sell the best bean bag chairs in the business, all while understanding that it is the customer, not the bean bag, that keeps us going. We know the importance of our guests, and therefore strive to provide a #1 rated customer service, alongside our award winning bean bags.

But what exactly is a bean bag? Many have only heard of this comfortable alternative and some haven't even that much, even though bean bag chairs are quickly becoming a hit all over the United States and beyond. To answer this question, a few others need answering first, such as what goes into the making of a bean bag? Strictly speaking, like most companies, we make our bean bags out of simple cloth and stuffing, an ancient formula that hasn't needed much changing throughout history. But, our bean bags are manufactured with only the highest quality materials, including a super soft aero-foam stuffing that is sure to stay comfortable for years to come. Even the external cloth that makes up the cover is a cut above everything else. Durable, light weight, soft; the cover is the perfect complement to an already perfect bean bag.

At this point, it's almost better to ask what isn't a bean bag? From our perspective, a bean bag isn't just furniture and it isn't just a decoration. For us, these products are a way of life. We put care and thought into our bean bags, as well as the highest quality materials that we can procure, in order to provide you with an amazing finished product.

Furthermore, our philosophy on bean bag furniture allows us to think outside the box and create interesting and creative products that offer tons of variation. Cocoon bean bags, Bean bag beds, Bean bag chairs, leather bean bags, napsacs and more, the Bean Bag Warehouse has it all, and in different colors and sizes even! This helps to turn our bean bags from “just another piece of furniture” into a true-blue life style, adding, instead of subtracting, to the style of your living room, dining room or wherever you please.

Stylish, comfortable, fun, what else could you need? There is so much you can do with a bean bag, and even more when you consider the myriad variations plastered all over our site. Thus, the question “what is a bean bag” is even tougher to answer than one would think, at a glance. But, for your sake, here is the sole answer we have been able to come up with. A bean bag is everything; a lifestyle, a fun alternative to furniture, even a beautiful centerpiece to pull together a room. Whatever your style and furniture needs, a bean bag will fill it, and we know just from the positive reaction amongst our guests that you will love it. With our lifetime guarantee and our promise to only ship the very best, we know you will never be disappointed.

Don't forget to visit our Bean Bag articles section for more unique and innovative ways to improve your home decor and functionality with our bean bags!

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