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Black Micro Suede ($170.00) Blueberry Micro Suede ($170.00) Bubblegum Micro Suede ($170.00) Camel Micro Suede ($170.00) Charcoal Micro Suede ($170.00) Chocolate Micro Suede ($170.00) Cinnabar Micro Suede ($170.00) Navy Micro Suede ($170.00) Olive Micro Suede ($170.00) Grey Velvish ($191.25) Aubergine Velvish ($191.25) Buckwheat Velvish ($191.25) Merlot Velvish ($191.25) Black Velvish ($191.25) Espresso Velvish ($191.25) Apple Pebble ($195.50) Dark Chocolate Pebble ($195.50) Glacier Pebble ($195.50) Toast Pebble ($195.50) New York Red Pebble ($195.50)


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The Beanbag Warehouse Pillow Sac is the perfect in teen's, kid's, adult's, or even pet's furniture! Great for dorm rooms and apartments, the Pillow Sac is remarkable for its ability to be molded into any shape or kind of seat. Flatten it for a belly flop, straddle it to play some video games; even flip it over to make a beautiful little loveseat for two people. The Pillow Sac is your throne of lazy, comfortable days, where you can watch How I met Your Mother, surf the internet, or maybe play video games in complete and total comfort!
However, one of the best and most unique parts of the Pillow Sac is the materials that go into creating this amazing beanbag.

The Pillow Sac is manufactured with 100% recycled and shredded furniture grade urethane foam. This filling is specifically designed for maximum softness and durability, making it stay soft and inflated for life! You also have your choice of three types of fabric for the cover, Micro Suede, Velvish, and Pebble, which are all equally soft and long lasting. In fact, our covers are guaranteed, which shows how sure we are that the Pillow Sac beanbag chair will last through naptime, playtime and beyond!
In any case, the Pillow Sac is awesome in every single way possible. Stylish covers, soft filling, and great variety separate it from the pack and make it the perfect purchase for anyone!

  • Flattens into impromptu mattress and more; ultra-versatility
  • 100% recycled/shredded furniture grade urethane Foam filling
  • Pebble, Micro Suede, Velvish covers
  • Twenty different colors to choose from
  • 39 lbs
  • 72in x 54in
  • Includes Cover, liner, Shredded Foam
  • Ships within 4 days


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