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Club Lounger

Club Lounger

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Black Micro Suede ($255.00) Camel Micro Suede ($255.00) Charcoal Micro Suede ($255.00) Chocolate Micro Suede ($255.00) Cinnabar Micro Suede ($255.00) Navy Micro Suede ($255.00) Olive Micro Suede ($255.00) Aubergine Velvish ($272.00) Black Velvish ($272.00) Buckwheat Velvish ($272.00) Espresso Velvish ($272.00) Grey Velvish ($272.00) Merlot Velvish ($272.00) Apple Pebble ($289.00) Dark Chocolate Pebble ($289.00) Glacier Pebble ($289.00) New York Red Pebble ($289.00) Toast Pebble ($289.00)


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The loveseat has always been a classic staple of every sensible home designer's living room. Long have people, friends and loved ones alike, laid back together in this classic piece of furniture on game nights, date nights, and dinner nights the world over. Though it may seem like little could replace a furniture piece that is so engrained in the public's conscience, we believe that we can. Introducing, the Club Lounger Beanbag from The Beanbag Warehouse.

More portable and far more plush than a recliner or loveseat, the lounger provides amazing comfort at a price far more affordable than any loveseat could ever offer. The foam filling, in conjunction with the incredibly soft fabric (your choice), allows you to sleep, have fun, or just relax in complete comfort. The Lounger itself moves and flows with your every twist and turn, supporting any seating position you wish to take. The entire beanbag is built for super comfort—you are sure to never find any difficulty falling asleep on the Club Lounger beanbag chair.

But what would a living room centerpiece be without fashion or style? Luckily, the Club Lounger has both of these in spades. Chic removable covers, in multiple fabrics and colors as well as designer textiles, make this the perfect in furniture for modern living spaces and loft dwellers. Bring a sense of informal character to any room with this beautiful, modern living room piece and make sure that your room is special, inviting, and the talk of the entire town!

  • Easy-Zip cover, washable/dryable
  • Variety of fabrics/colors
  • Tamper and Childproof zippers
  • Easy assembly
  • Ships within 4 days
  • 69 lbs
  • 72 x 36 x 36
  • Includes Cover, liner, Aero-Foam


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