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Moz Octagon

Moz Octagon

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Charcoal Micro Suede ($901.00) Chocolate Micro Suede ($901.00) Camel Micro Suede ($901.00) Cinnabar Micro Suede ($901.00) Navy Micro Suede ($901.00) Olive Micro Suede ($901.00) Black Micro Suede ($901.00) Apple Pebble ($1,140.00) Dark Chocolate Pebble ($1,140.00) Glacier Pebble ($1,140.00) New York Red Pebble ($1,140.00) Toast Pebble ($1,140.00)


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One of our most interesting products, the Moz Octagon is a state of the art seating unit, game station, and centerpiece all in one!

Set it up in the living room to make a perfect kid's game table. Forts, board games, puzzles and more, the Moz Octagon is perfect for playtime and any time! Furthermore, it's the ideal children's game table, building block assembly area or hangout area for any group activity! But, of course, the Octagon was not created simply as a game station. Not only does it afford a great place for kids to play on, is the perfect supply of extra chairs for any occasion! Pull apart the many segments of the Octagon and you are left with 9 full purpose chairs, just waiting for movie night or the family game night! No longer will you want for chairs, no longer will unexpected visitors pose a problem; the Moz Octagon creates a striking conversation piece in any open area, once again rendering guest visits a pleasurable experience!

And yet, would this be a Bean Bag Warehouse product without the high quality materials? Of course not! Like always, the Moz Octagon covers zip off for easy care and Machine washing. They also come in the best fabrics possible. From Pebble to Micro Suede, our chair covers are the most comfortable and the most durable covers on the market. Worrying about tears, rips, and dirt will be a thing of the past, so your Octagon will stay looking good as new for years to come.


  • Weight: 306 lbs
  • 9 wedge chairs, including octagonal centerpiece
  • Micro Suede or Pebble fabrics: Multiple colors
  • Size: 60in x 60in x 17in


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